Would you warn me

If you knew that I were in danger unknowingly?

What I want to warn you for, might seem a bit bizarre and at first glance maybe unlikely.

Still, I’d like to tell you. Because a lot is at stake and I think you are in grave danger. I feel excited to share it, because I know how incredible it might be sounding. However, because I have no doubt in my mind about all this, it would above all be heartless not to share it. Well… here we go.

Are you pulling out already? Can I ask you one single thing? Please print out the pdf below and store it somewhere. You might learn later that it was true after all and it will allow you to understand what’s going on and what you can do about it.

What is that danger anyway?

The time we’re living in is foretold in the bible in detail, as well as what is still going to happen.

A large share of the Bible is prophecy. Prophecy is what God tells us is going to happen in the future. What we see in the world today is perfectly on track with that. A great deal of prophecy in the Bible has already been fulfilled. Some prophecies are so accurate and have been so very literally fulfilled, that it is said they have been written down only after it happened. This however only once again proves that the God of the Bible is all-knowing. There are also prophecies in the Bible that have not yet been fulfilled. I would like to tell you more about that. In the coming years you will be able to see whether or not this was reliable.

What’s coming? The 7 year ‘Tribulation’

The Bible describes the time we live in as ‘the end time’. That is a period in which the love of many will grow cold, people will be self-centred, there will be many wars and rumours of wars, hunger, infectious diseases, earthquakes, extreme natural phenomena, persecution and lawlessness.

The last seven years of the end time are described in the Bible as a horrendous time on earth, like there has never been before. There will be one world ruler, one strongly regulated worldwide payment system and people that refuse the system will not be able to buy or sell. There will be terrible catastrophes and some 90% of the earth’s population will perish.

What should I do to escape those 7 years?

All people that put their faith in the Lord Jesus and trust in Him (in the Bible called ‘the body or bride of Christ’) will be kept safe from this perilous time. Right before these 7 years, the Lord Jesus will snatch away His bride (of believers) into heaven, the so-called rapture. Hence, all over the world millions of Christians will suddenly disappear. This will cause great chaos and panic and possibly (false) speculation about alien kidnappings. Whatever the explanation is going to be, don’t believe it, it’s all lies to cover the truth. (Yes I know, it sounds quite bizarre, but if you’re pulling out here – which I could understand – be wise and at least download the pdf below.)

There is a way to escape the Tribulation on earth. A way as well to not have to undergo God’s eternal judgment on your sins and not to be separated from God for eternity. There is a way to be happy forever as God always wanted you to be. Read more about this under ‘How to get saved’.

How do I know if items 1-3 are correct?

The most obvious way to find out it was correct, is when you notice that suddenly many people have disappeared from the earth and if after that you see that what the Bible writes about these seven years is actually happening.

I do not expect many people to believe me in advance, but especially because the sudden disappearance of so many people will be so obvious, I think you will consider the Bible’s account by then. The Bible says that even in these 7 years, many people will come to faith.

What if I only find out all this is true, after the rapture?

It means you will no longer be able to flee from this perilous time. But you can still turn to God, repent and put your trust in His son Jesus Christ. By doing so, you will be saved for eternity. It sounds harsh, but the Bible speaks about hell as a place where people will be forever if they don’t believe in God and heaven as the place where those who have accepted Jesus as their Saviour will be happy for ever.

I urge you to repent and turn back to God, because after the rapture, the world will be completely different. It will be much harder than now to still find the truth. There is so much at stake. Today is the day to ask Him for forgiveness for your sins, to believe in Jesus and to follow Him.

The biggest danger does not even lie in the future, but in today!

You have now been warned for a time that is going to be terrible. But a much greater danger looms. Did you know that every 24 hours over 160.000 people die? The Bible teaches us that after we die, we will be judged. We’ll be standing before a holy and just God and He will judge us according to His standards, not according to our standards. And hence he must declare us ‘guilty as charged’

Because God so loved mankind, He sent His Son Jesus Christ to this world, to pay for our sins through His suffering. He bore your punishment too and offers you forgiveness and eternal life. But it only becomes yours if you accept it. You can read more about this under “How do I get saved”.

How do I get saved?

Admit you’re a sinner.

Are you a good person? You’ll likely answer this question with ‘yes’ and you might not understand what a saviour should save you from. However, you cannot offset your bad deeds against your good deeds.

A righteous judge for example cannot release a murderer, simply because that murderer happens to be a good, loving father. God has put His laws in our hearts, in our conscience. For example, so we should not lie, use God’s name in vain, steal or commit adultery (even not in our thoughts). It is sin too if you feel you could do something good, but you don’t. If you now look at yourself according to God’s perfect standard, would you still call yourself a good person? Unfortunately, I wouldn’t.

But isn’t it said that God is love? Can’t He just turn a blind eye? Yes, God is love, but He is also holy and just. 100% fair. God’s commandments are not meant to condemn you, but to show you that you are guilty and that you need a Saviour that can bear the punishment for your sins.

Ask for forgiveness for your sins and accept Jesus as your Saviour.

If a judge turns a blind eye to injustice, then he is corrupt and should be punished himself. God is perfectly holy and honest and hence cannot leave any sin unpunished. Unless we are blameless (which nobody is), He has to condemn us too. That Bible says that the wage, the consequence of sin is death. But God’s love for us is so immense that He sent His own Son to this world to carry that punishment for us – in our stead – through His suffering and death on the cross.

God only asks us to believe in His Son and accept Him as our Saviour, to escape our due punishment. John 3:16 states: “For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, so that whosoever believes in Him, shall not perish but have everlasting life.”

If you give your life to Jesus, the Holy Spirit, also called the ‘comforter’, will live in you from that moment on. He convinces us of sin and shows the way to Jesus. He leads you and gives you strength to carry on in difficult circumstances.

Turn away from your sins, get to know God through the Bible and trust in Him.

You can get to know God by reading the Bible and speak with Him through prayer, He wants a relationship with you. The Bible also says that faith without good works is dead faith. Those good works come about through thankfulness and love, they just happen almost automatically if you start experiencing His love.

If you accept the Lord Jesus as your Saviour, you’ll become a ‘child of God’. Life will not necessarily become easier, but He will be with you with His strength, peace and love. A peace and love that are not of this world and that I cannot explain to you either. You can only experience it yourself by committing your life to Jesus. Then He will lead you in this life. He will always be with you and never leave you.

Where can I find
more information?

The Bible: kingjamesbibleonline.org

Wonderful video: God of Wonders

Website about questions of faith: gotquestions.com